Great hands-on science tools for students to explore forces, motion, and dynamics concepts with cool science supplies.

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Dynamic Popper
With this inexpensive toy, the “popper”, allows students to investigate a variety of energy transformations.
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Economy Bernoulli Blower
Works just like our Classic Wooden Bernoulli Blower, but is made of inexpensive plastic. Great for buying in quantities large enough so all your students can have one!
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Euler's Disk
Like a top, Euler's Disk uses its angular momentum to hold itself upright. Get the inside story on how this fascinating science toy works.
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Flying Pig
Pigs really do fly! Students can explore centripetal forces as the Flying Pig becomes a conical pendulum.
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This is the original Tedco Gyroscope. A classic that's still the best for exploring forces.
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