The Science Outlet has cool laser pointers, experiment kits and other great tools for experimenting with laser light and other optics concepts. If you don't see what you need call us at (918) 966-2193 and we'll get it for you!

Lasers and Optics
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3D Mirascope
The 3-D Mirascope creates a "Real Image" in a most amazing way!
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Diffraction Materials Card
Is it a wave or is it a particle? Use this handy card containing 5 different materials to investigate the effects of diffraction, and explore the fundamental questions of quantum mechanics!
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Green Laser Pointer (Silver)
532 nm green laser pointer includes two AAA batteries and metal storage case.
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Instant Holography Kit
Now with NEW 2.0 "Instant Hologram" Film for brighter holograms in less time. Everything you need to make real 3D laser holograms.
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Jelly Marbles
Jelly Marbles, also known as Grow Lenses. With an index of refraction identical to that of water, Jelly Marbles become completely invisible when submerged.
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