The Science Outlet is your best source for all types of magnets and magnetism experiments. Check out our Super Neodymium magnet, the strongest you can buy for students!

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.75" Magnetic Sphere
3/4 inch neodymium magnetic sphere. Super strong with a chrome finish.
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Alnico Bar Magnets
Our Alnico Bar Magnets have the N poles Indicated for easy identification by young students.
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Extra Large Magnetic Climbing Gear
Spider Climbing - Extra Large Magnetic Climbing Gear
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Floating Magnets
Discover the mystery of magnetism. Three plastic-encased magnet rings will float, roll and seem to defy the law of gravity. Includes instructions.
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Lenz's Law Demo
Don't hide your Lenz's Law demonstration in a copper tube! This apparatus is a dramatic presentation that's out in the open for students to see.
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