The Science Outlet's exclusive signature series science kits are unique assemblies of science demonstartions and experiment kits that are designed by teachers for teachers.

Signature Series
1st Day Learning Cycle Kit
Why not begin the school year with a “science smorgasbord,” a first day activity that is sure to get your students excited about science.
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Lenz's Law Demo
Don't hide your Lenz's Law demonstration in a copper tube! This apparatus is a dramatic presentation that's out in the open for students to see.
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Physics Phormulas CD Set
Unleash the ability in your students by incorporating Physics Phormulas into your lessons. Physics Phormulas pairs essential physics formulas with familiar tunes and entertaining animations to produce a powerful instructional tool!
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Speed Projectile Lab
Bad Hollywood movie science: The "Speed" Projectile Lab was created by New York physics teacher Buzz Putnam, in association with Cornell University to provide students with a relevant exploration of projectile motion. Serious fun!
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