The Science Outlet has the best deals on these common sound and wave experiment tools for students to explore these important science concepts.

Sound and Waves
Snaky (Helical) Spring
The Snaky Spring is a "must have" when introducing wave motion concepts in the classroom.
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Sound Pipe
Spin this specially designed pipe over your head and create up to 5 unique tones.
$2.50 $2.25
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Super Spring
Forget those Slinkies and Springies...the Super Spring is perfect for hallway science demonstrations of wave action!
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Tuning Forks - Set of 8
Set of 8 Tuning Forks, includes convenient wood case for storage.
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Wave Interference Kit
When two waves (light or sound), are traveling through the same medium, they will superimpose upon one another, causing interference to occur. The Wave Interference Kit will demonstrate this phenomenon in a spectacular way.
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