Product Name:  Deluxe Van de Graaff Generator


Product ID:  SO-N100V
Category:  Electricity
Price:  $570.00
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There's a lot more to be learned than just how to make your hair stand up!

Without a doubt the most attention-getting week in any physical science course is when the students get an up-close experience with the Van de Graaff generator.

A rugged unit that will develop potentials up to 350,000 volts on the polished, anodized dome. Provides the power to execute all the basic electrostatic demonstrations on an energetic and dramatic scale. The maximum continuous current is only about 10 microamperes, so the unit is quite safe. Sparks of 8" are usual and may go to 12-15”. The standard machine has a negative dome, but a positive electrode machine is available.

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