Diffraction Materials Card

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Is it a wave or is it a particle?

Use this handy card containing 5 different materials to investigate the effects of diffraction, and explore the fundamental questions of quantum mechanics! This card can be used as a demonstration aid to discuss the qualitative nature of diffraction or it can provide an easy introduction to a more quantitative analysis using Young's equations for diffraction. Quickly and easily demonstrate the relationships between line width, wavelength, and diffraction angle. In a laboratory setting, measurements of the diffraction pattern can be used to calculate the wavelength of laser light used. Or knowing the wavelength of the laser, calculate the line spacing of the grating. A must have for any discussion of optics!

  • 5 separate line spacings to compare and contrast
  • Features line widths from 110/inch to 12700/inch
  • 1-D and 2-D diffraction patterns can be investigated
  • Conceptual understanding of gratings and diffraction
  • Useful for qualitative discussions OR quantitative labs